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One sad one Happy

So I have been emo all over the place, and now I want to be happy, because good things happened to me today.

I went to Archery practice on this glorious fall day.  It was cool but comfortable and I had a great time with some wonderful people.  This is yet one more thing that I get to do in the SCA that makes life so grand.  I get to hurl  sticks at very high speeds towards targets while hanging out with cool people.    I only got a couple really small bruises this time and didn't break any arrows.

I also completed my first full set of royal round scores so I am officially a Mynydd Seren Archer.  I have an average score that should give me plenty of opportunity to improve next royal round season. 

I have dreams of having my own archery range in the back yard.  Maybe I should get my own bow first, then go from there.  Good times with dreams of future fun is always a good thing.

Plus I got a hug from a friend today.  I know it is silly that I note the hugs so often, but they do mean a lot to me.  I really do feel the lack  of physical contact and closeness now that I do not have a wife to love and snuggle.  I got two hugs at Fencing practice so that was supper awesome too.   Not as good as I was getting, but it is a start.

I guess I could get more hugs if I were to offer them myself, but somehow the whole "large yeti man demanding hug" thing could be a frightening thing.   Maybe not.  I don't know, maybe I see myself as more monstrous than everyone else does.  Need further pondering.

I also found out that using the same arrows on a faster bow makes scratches into cuts.  Need more leather protection.

Yay for fun day.
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