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One of the things I really hate most in the world is the sound of George Yowling in distress.  New boyfriend thing has a fondness for the sound.  Makes me not like him even more.  God I wish there was a way for me to protect George from him.  It is bad enough that I will miss her terribly but now I worry am him torturing her.  I know it is not that bad, but she is old and I am very protective of her.  I don't want her upset, I want her happy and purring like she is around me.  The idea of her living with someone that makes her upset makes me very unhappy. 

But...As with everything in this divorce, I have no say,  I have no recourse, and anything I say just makes it worse.


At least I was able to stop it tonight but she leaves tomorrow.  I hate tomorrow.

I am going to miss the Old Grumpy Lady Cat.    I have grown very very fond of her and she will be missed so very very much.   I want to pick her up and snuggle her, but I know that upsets her so I won't.  That is the least I can do for her.

I hope she wants lots of pettings tomorrow at breakfast.  That would be a nice goodbye thing. 
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