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Off to a new home

So George Kitty is off to her new home.  I am sad to see her go.  I think I frazzled her mommy when she was here.  Not my intent, but it did happen and they nearly left without her litter box. 

Why was she frazzled?  She had planned on moving completely out by the End of November and I told her I would like her out by the Beginning of November.   I am motivate to see this done  so I guess I will be doing a lot of her packing.  I guess my questions about the critical what I will be packing for her were unexpected and she was already rushed to get George home.

On the bright side, she handed over credit cards and check books for our mutual accounts on her own volition, so I can start closing accounts and putting everything in my name.

My sadness at George leaving is tempered by my determination to start my life a new.  Lets just hope I can create a good life on stable ground this time.
Tags: bills, george kitty, move out, new life
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