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A road once traveled...

Sometimes you have to change things about yourself.  Sometimes these changes are hard to make and take you away from what is safe an familiar.  When you have a choice between a familiar pain and an uncertain road filled with pain, you have to make a choice.  The choice to take a step on that path of action at least has real hope of finding something better as opposed to the false hope of something better randomly happening to you. 
It takes a great force of will to stay on that path of change and not jump off that path at the first sign of something better.  Maybe that journey should never end and anything that takes you off the path of self discovery/improvement is just surrendering to a new false hope.
I have begun to walk my path again, and I am please to say that I have already seen positive results so I know I am on the right path for me.  Why I left the path to begin with is unimportant now.  All that matters is being who I want to be.  Come what may, I like being that person and I never should have stopped.

Tags: change, pain, the path, who i want to be
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