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No good deed goes unpunished (by the cat)

So, Kosh cat was looking a bit manky and hot the other day, and I couldn't find the cat brush.  I finally gave up looking and just bought a couple new ones.  One is that standard kind that are basically a small carding brush.  The other was a new thing I saw at Kroger.  

First I brushed her with the old brush and got the mats out and quite a bit of hair with it (more than I usually get).  We will call this one unit of shedding a "fluff". She never likes to be brushed and ran off in a huff after a short time.  

When she showed up again, I decided to try the new brush/comb thingy.  I managed to pull about 5 fluffs worth of cat hair off of her in about a half hour of use.  At first she was her usual cranky, but she started to notice how much cooler the world felt without the hair and alternated between purring and grumping at me.  She eventually left but not in a huff like nornal.  I kept using the brush on her throughout the day and getting a couple more fluffs of hair off of her. 

The next day she woke me up yowling like she does when she wants to be fed, rubbing her head on the new brush thingy and looking at me expectantly.    I managed to get about 4 more fluffs of hair off of her that day and about 3 more over the next few days.  She really doesn't like to be touched on many parts of her body so it is hard to get it all in one go.  

She has become more and more energetic the past couple of days despite the no A/C and temps in the 100s.  This morning I was woken up to an excited cat jumping on the bed and hitting me in the face with something soft that I believe squeaked.    I can only assume that it was a mouse and that Kosh is very happy with her new state of nakedness.  

Mouse in the face an 4:00 am is not a great way to start the day but at least she is happy again.  :)
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