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It has been a year, and things still need to change.

I logged in today to write some things about some things I needed to get off my chest and realized that I have not written anything in almost a year.   There have been lots of changes for me, but I have not recorded them even tho I felt I had somehow.   I guess it may be that I started a paper and pen journal shortly after the last post here and I have been putting things there.

There are several reasons for the paper and pen journal.  I wanted to practice the skill of using a pen again.  When writing/thinking, a mode/method change can help change a person's perspective enough to work things out in a different way.  I have learned that some things can/should be shared and others should be private even if I have no personal motivation to keep them secret.  I want to record both kind of thoughts so I have two modes to do that now.

Things have gotten better in my life, but I see many more things that need to change.  There have been ups and downs over the past year but I guess a recent major change in my life has jarred my complacency to the point that I have started to take a cold hard look at myself.

One change I am making is to actually use this tool more often.  The second is to avoid vomiting walls of words at people.  Frequent small blocks to get my thoughts going and avoid feeling overwhelmed about getting it all out there.
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